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If no, IEC will register you, provided you meet the qualifications.

I desire to become a registered apprentice of the electrical trade. I hereby make my application to the Apprentice & Training Committee of the El Paso Chapter of the Independent Electrical Contractors, Inc. for entry into the Chapter’s Apprenticeship Training Program. I understand that completion of this application does not ensure admittance into the training program or status as a registered apprentice. I agree to accept the decisions of the Apprenticeship and Training Standards as they pertain to my registration with the IEC and the Office of Apprenticeship and Training.

Applications will not be processed without the following documents)
  1. Valid Texas Driver’s License (State of Texas Photo I.D. card, if applicable)
  2. Social Security Card or Birth Certificate
  3. High School Diploma, High School Transcript, or GED with test scores
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